How to Throw Together Last-Minute Meals With Superfoods

In our last post, we discussed superfood staples for transitioning to a vegan diet, and we discovered that many of the best vegan staples were totally versatile! Everyone knows that keeping versatile ingredients in your kitchen makes for easy last-minute meals, so we’ve decided to make a list of our favorite superfoods that work well incorporated into basically any meal you could imagine (think: the tofus of superfoods).

Already anticipating some last-minute meals in the upcoming weeks? Time to stock up on some of these superfoods to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner just that much easier:

Hemp SeedsHemp Seeds are great for transforming an “eh” meal into antioxidant-packed fuel for your day! For breakfast, turn your everyday smoothie into a smoothie bowl by grabbing a spoon and throwing some of these seeds on top for an extra boost of protein. Need some more umph in your veggie soup? Puree some hemp seeds into your broth and enjoy a totally new texture with some extra fiber. These superfoods make any last-minute meal into a gold medal winner!

Kale - Raw, cooked, powdered, or sautéed, we could eat kale in every meal and never get sick of it! Of course, keeping fresh kale in your refrigerator means easy access to delicious summertime salads at all times. Have leftover fish or chicken from last night’s dinner? Sautée up some kale with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic until it’s soft and dark green, throw your protein on top, and voila!

Chia Seeds - Breakfast can be a pain when you’re rushing off to work in the morning, but they’re not lying when they say it’s the most important meal of the day (whoever they are). Hands down our favorite superfoods for last-minute breakfasts are Chia Seeds, because with just five minutes of prep the night before, once the morning comes, chia pudding takes the term “last-minute” to heart. We’re not kidding! It only takes one minute to grab a spoon and your pudding and head out the door. What’s easier than that?

Acai Bowl - A delicious and nutrition meal, not much is easier to throw together than an Acai Bowl. We're partial to starting our day with it for breakfast, but it definitely works for lunch, dinner or even a snack! To make things even easier for you, we're bundled up all the superfoods you'll need to make it, which you can grab right here

Super Meals - Sometimes you really don’t want to combine a bunch of ingredients, and other times you’re just not in the mood for a big meal. We understand, and for these moments we love to indulge in Super Meals, which are powerful blends of green superfoods, plant-based proteins, fruits and veggies, and many more antioxidant-rich ingredients. Whip one of these up in your blender and 30 seconds later you’ve got yourself a last-second meal. Talk about quick.