The Best Superfoods to Support Digestion

Our digestive tract affects every other part of our body, so it’s important for us to do everything in our power to keep it healthy. Plus, issues with our digestive tract can be especially bothersome! Whether you’re trying to avoid or minimize problems such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, or even IBS, incorporating certain superfoods into your diet can often do the trick. As always, be sure to head to the doctor if you seem to have a serious, painful digestive problem.

One of the most effective ways to support the digestive tract is by consuming specific enzymes, which are crucial for enabling the body to perform many functions, including digestion. Luckily, the heat-sensitive enzymes in Shiitake Mushroom Powder are protected by the cold drying and milling technique that turns shiitake mushrooms into a fine powder, making it a great source of digestive-supporting enzymes. The power of these enzymes break down the fibers and soft walls in the food we eat to make it easily digestible, making less work for our bodies, and potentially aiding in cramping.

Shiitake mushroom powder works great in mushroom coffee, but when you’re looking for a new addition to your morning smoothie, we recommend the Greenpower Blend Powder, which provides digestion support from not just one, but multiple powders! First, the Dandelion Leaf Powder in the greenpower blend has been used to treat digestive problems by supporting circulation and blood flow, helping your body do its job easier. Additionally, Lemon Peel Powder, a great source of dietary fiber, aids in digestion by binding to toxins in the body and carrying them away through the process of elimination. Plus, lemon peel powder helps to protect mucous membranes in the gut and cut down on colon cancer risk while binding to bile salts, decreasing re-absorption and helping to lower serum LDL cholesterol levels.

Another green powder great for digestive support is Cracked-Cell Chlorella Powder, which acts as a full-body detoxifier, promoting cleansing of heavy metals and toxins from the liver, kidneys, blood, and digestive tract - and a clean digestive tract is a happy digestive tract. Plus, chlorella powder also acts as food for “good” bacteria in the intestinal tract, which leads to easy and healthy digestion. Oh, and don’t worry - the “cracked-cell” part of chlorella powder means that its cell walls are broken down, making digesting high levels of chlorella powder easier on your belly!

Not sure how to incorporate these superfood powders into your diet? Have fun adding one serving of your favorite powder into one of these smoothies. Easy and delicious, and your digestive system will thank you. 

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