6 Superfoods to Revitalize Your Skin From the Inside Out

Whether it’s acne, wrinkles, oil, or dryness, pesky skin issues seem to come up often. The trouble is, beauty products can be expensive and difficult to keep up with, not to mention full of chemicals that we don't want on our faces. This may seem like an unsolvable problem, but in reality skin issues are just one more problem superfoods can help with!

We’ve all heard that our skin is directly affected by the food we eat. That is, consuming a lot of processed foods can make us break out. But one thing we don't always realize is that our diets can also have a positive impact on our skin! Here's are a few of our go-to superfoods for glowing skin.

1. Sea Buckthorn Berries

They’ve been called the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas” because they contain a rare combination of antioxidants that provide a powerful defense against many health conditions. Lucky for us, these berries are especially helpful for skin disorders, including burns and wounds. And although we don't always associate skin issues with wounds, if you've ever picked at your skin you can understand how the two are related. Plus, sea buckthorn berries are known for anti-aging properties. Bye, bye wrinkles! Use them in baked goods, trail mix or own their own as a snack. 

2. Camu Camu Powder

Like sea buckthorn berries, camu camu helps reduce acne by decreasing the inflammation in your body. Plus, this miracle fruit offers strong support for healthy eyes, gums, and skin because of its abundance of amino acids like serine, valine, and leucine. Camu camu helps release free radicals from your body to keep your skin shiny and free from dirt and oils. Oh, and it’s delicious in juice or a smoothie.

3. Mangosteen powder

Also called the “Queen of All Fruits,” mangosteen is revered in Asia for its ability to treat infection, and is especially treasured in Thailand and Indonesia, where it’s made into an ointment to help eczema and other skin disorders. Because it fights free radicals and inflammation, it's no surprise that mangosteen powder is perfect for keeping your skin healthy. Stir into your smoothie bowl for a skin-glowing boost!

4. Cacao Butter

Superfoods can help your skin in more ways than one - as much as we love eating superfoods, we love slathering them on our skin just as much! Cacao butter can be used in smoothies, desserts, or as a facial moisturizer that keeps your pores free from environmental radicals. 

5. Coconut Oil

You’ve likely heard about this one before! Coconut oil makes a great natural face mask for overnight treatment and moisturizing. Plus, it works well as a makeup remover and antibacterial shield, and has anti-aging properties. Basically, it's an easy cure for most skin issues. We recommend keeping this in the kitchen and the bathroom.

6. Noni Powder

One of the most effective superfoods when it comes to transforming your skin is noni powder. Often called “the queen of health plants,” noni powder provides anti-inflammatory properties and full-body detoxification. Both of these benefits, plus the mineral selenium found in the noni plant, help promote glowing skin. Use it in your daily smoothie!

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