Superfood Swaps to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Sure, you could add a few drops of artificial food coloring to your meals this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but we’ve got a better idea for keeping it green. Swap out the junk food for a few healthy twists instead! We’re sharing our festive menu inspiration below.


Instead of Lucky Charms, try a Green Goddess Smoothie! Made with Chlorella Powder, this cleansing and energizing drink will power you through the morning.


Instead of Shepherd's Pie, try a big green superfood salad! There are so many ways to transform a boring salad. A few of our favorite toppings include goji berries, goldenberries and white mulberries.


Instead of potato (chips), try homemade kale chips! We know potatoes are a big hit on St. Patty’s Day menus, but who says we can’t introduce a new vegetable?


Instead of corned beef and cabbage, try a healthy, hearty soup! Nothing beats a cozy soup and it’s a simple way to share a delicious meal while adding tons of antioxidants and nutrients. You can even toss in ingredients like cabbage and other vegetables.


Instead of cookies and cupcakes, try a mint chocolate chip shake! Nothing beats mint on St. Patrick’s Day and what better way to incorporate this tasty flavor than a fun, kid-approved shake recipe! Made with Barley Grass Juice Powder and Cacao Nibs, this is a crowd pleaser across the board.


Instead of green beer, try a green mar-tea-ni! Because nothing says celebration like a festive green drink on St. Patty’s Day! Enjoy your fun and your health benefits too. 

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