Our Favorite Healthy Halloween Recipes

We love Halloween, but we’re getting a toothache just thinking about all the candy that is about to pop up basically everywhere that you look. Avoiding a big intake of candy is hard enough during all the other times of the year, but it’s impossible to avoid during Halloween season. Whether you have little ones who will be trick-or-treating, you're handing out candy on the big night, or if you’re simply attending any kind of celebration, the sweets will be hard to ignore.

However, just because candy is the “classic” Halloween treat, there’s no reason why we can’t switch it up once in awhile and enjoy healthier versions of spooky treats that everyone from ages 1 to 100 is sure to love. Check out the recipes for healthy Halloween snacks and excite your little ones or impress your friends and family at a party! Haaaappy Halloweeen, Superfoodies!

Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes - We can’t help but get caught up in this recipe for possibly the cutest (and healthiest!) cupcakes we’ve ever seen. This recipe replaces flour with almond meal and uses cacao powder and coconut oil for a quick fix of superfoods! This dessert is definitely one for that work party everyone’s been talking about.

Banana Mummies - Sugar really shouldn’t be our best friend, but when it’s coconut sugar, it’s a bit easier for health-conscious individuals to swallow. This recipe for banana mummies (and “things”) is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face while curing their sweet tooth cravings with a healthier alternative to white sugar.

Super Spooky Smoothie Bowl - Okay, so this recipe is *technically* for the kids, but who says our breakfasts can’t be festive too?! Deck out your morning smoothie bowl with some extra fruit and chia seeds to spook yourself healthy.

Vegan Peppermint Patties - For a superfood take on a classic candy, use dates, cashews, and coconut oil to make your favorite melt-in-your-mouth mint chocolate treat.

The Sludge Monster Martini - Alcohol or no alcohol, this drink is sure to be a people-pleaser at any Halloween celebration. Not only does it look super festive, but it’s full of fruits and vegetables to help you start recovering from any over-indulging.

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