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Product Overview

Our Bone Renewal formula is a genuine breakthrough in bone health. Partnering with your body’s inherent capacity to maintain and grow your bones naturally, Bone Renewal’s exclusive formula of plant-based, bio-organic ingredients is safe and gentle for all ages, and most importantly – it's truly effective.

Over ten years in the making, Bone Renewal was extensively researched and designed by Mitchell May to provide a comprehensive, all-natural supplement that addresses not just your bones' everyday calcium needs – but all the vital functions of your healthy bones.

Product Description

Product Highlights

  • Certified 100% organic
  • "Grown" as whole food
  • Free of all additives
  • Free of GMO's
  • 100% pure and natural
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free

Our bones are truly remarkable – all 200 of them!

Bones not only give our body structure, strength and mobility – they also serve as our "mineral storehouse", help maintain our immune system and contribute to our health in a multitude of ways. Bone Renewal’s complete, three-part blend of balance nutrients helps ensure that your mineral storehouse is never depleted – while also providing optimal support for natural bone regeneration. Did you know that at this very moment, your bones are busy renewing themselves by creating fresh, healthy bone?

For all these reasons, bones require complete, targeted and safe nutritional supplementation every day. And now there’s finally a product that works intensely and comprehensively to provide the full spectrum of support your healthy bones deserve -- and need!

Whole Food Bio-Organic Nutrients

Inside each capsule you’ll find a treasure chest of powerful, bone-health ingredients from land and sea, each supported by advanced nutritional science and by centuries of use in traditional cultures around the world. Sustainably sourced by The Synergy Company, each vital ingredient is cultivated for its unsurpassed purity, potency, and bioavailability. This bio-organic blend contains all the essential nutrients and co-factors needed for your healthy bone maintenance and regeneration: 100% plant-based calcium, magnesium, vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and something never before available…

Exclusively from Synergy! In addition to all the finest quality, essential ingredients, Bone Renewal includes a third class of nutrients not found in any other bone-supplement formula—an exclusive blend of our four rare and vitalizing botanicalSynergizers. These Mitchell May signature ingredients are the "missing links" that enable an entirely new dimension of healthy bone support.

Comprehensive, targeted and perfectly balanced – Bone Renewal truly lives up to its name!

Advantages of Bone Renewal

Bones need whole-food nutrients – not "rocks".

Bone Renewal’s plant-based ingredients are better absorbed. Our bodies know that healthy and pure whole food is life itself. That’s why you won’t find just "rocks," chemicals or isolates in our products. Bone Renewal’s all-natural, plant-based and Bio-Organic ingredients are specially grown, harvested and processed using methods exclusive to The Synergy Company. Each step we take ensures optimal absorption and utilization by your body.

Healthy Bones replace 10% of their mass each year.

Bone Renewal is uniquely designed to support natural bone growth. Your bones are ingeniously designed to renew and regenerate through a wondrous, two-part system called bone remodeling; in fact, you typically replace 10% of your bone mass each year. In bone remodeling, old bone is shed and new bone is grown in a process that continues throughout your adult lifetime. Yet, healthy remodeling can’t occur without regular replenishment of an array of highly specific nutrients. Bone Renewal’s unique, bountiful blend of plant-origin minerals, vitamins, co-factors and botanical Synergizers work in concert to provide the deepest level of support for natural bone-renewing activity.

Bones serve as our body's mineral storehouse.

Bone Renewal's blend of ingredients nourishes vital body processes. Bones do so much. Not only do they give us structure, strength, protection and mobility, it is in the bone marrow that our entire supply of red and white blood cells is made. That means the very core of our immune system lies within our bones! Even the heart and brain depend on our bones, as these organs require hundreds of minerals to function, and the bones serve as our "mineral storehouse" – literally warehousing and delivering these life-supporting minerals. For all these reasons, Bone Renewal delivers a bounty of critical nutrients to insure our good health, well-being and longevity.

Nature provides natural plants for improving bone health.

Bone Renewal contains an exclusive blend of botanical Synergizers. Bone Renewal is a breakthrough in bone supplementation based on Mitchell May’s unique healing experience, scientific research, and deep knowledge of traditional medicines and the cultures that understand their use. Synergizing the core ingredients of Bone Renewal are its four unique botanicals, each prized for their profound role in bone health. You won’t find these unique and proven Synergizers in comparable purity, potency and quantity in any other bone health formula.

Our Bones' needs change as we age.

Bone Renewal supports all the seasons of your life. Bone Renewal is a deeply nourishing formula for all 200+ bones in your body. Because it's a fully researched and completely balanced formula that deeply nourishes and maintains your body’s own natural processes, it will support your bone health through all the phases of your adult life—from young adulthood and long into your elder years.

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