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Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters

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Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters make a wonderfully-sweet, crunchy treat for eating any time of the day. Certified organic and raw, they’re a perfect snack for vibrant living. Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters bring you the rich and luscious taste of raw chocolate – combined with the delicate goodness of raw cashews. Just sweet enough - thanks to a sprinkling of evaporated palm nectar - our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters also have a hint of fresh sea salt for a unique and surprising savoriness.

Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters combine the richness of raw cacao nibs with the gentle flavor of cashews. The superfood duo of cacao and cashews is ever so slightly enhanced with a tinge of sweet evaporated palm nectar and a hint of savory sea salt. What you’re left with is a uniquely-flavored treat that’s perfect for eating on its own – but you also might want to throw a few on top of ice cream or mix them into a luscious smoothie. 

Raw Cacao – A Natural, Antioxidant-Rich Treat

If you’ve ever opened up a raw cacao bean, you know that it reveals a perfect gift - a rich, flavorful chocolaty treat that has the power to promote a pleasurable outlook on life. Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters contain cacao nibs that come straight from raw cacao beans. These nibs start their life in delicate raw cacao pods and are perfectly protected by a paper-thin shell. The cacao nibs are collected and gently crushed, and mixed into our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters without processing so that you can benefit from a treat that is pure, raw bliss.

Cacao - Food of the Gods

Cacao’s scientific name is Theobroma, which literally means “Food of the Gods.” The Aztecs thought that this superfood came from divine origins because it packed so many healing and nutritive properties into one little bean. The cacao tree was first cultivated in Mexico and South America. The Mayans placed so much value on the beans from the cacao tree – and the nibs inside – that they used the bean itself for currency. A favorite way that the Mayans enjoyed raw cacao was to make a traditional drink, called Chocolatl. This was simply raw cacao mixed with a little vanilla and other flavorings.

In the early 15th century, Christopher Columbus brought the health and restorative benefits of the cacao bean to Europe.  In 1519, Cortez introduced cacao to the upper class in Spain and the bean rose in popularity as a cure for many illnesses.  During the 18th century, chocolate houses began to pop up in London, and the spread of cacao as a revered food is history. Today, cacao is planted worldwide and people around the globe associate chocolate with “feeling good.”  The name cacao was thought to be Anglicized at some point and turned into the more common pronunciation of “cocoa.”  Now, the two words are often used interchangeably, but they are definitely not in the same league when it comes to good health.

Health Benefits of Raw Cashews

Cashews are considered super nuts because they provide an abundance of beneficial fats for the body. Cashews have a balanced profile of other nutrients too – such as iron and magnesium. Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters are made with cashew pieces that are carefully removed from the cashew nut’s hard shell. These cashews are processed at low temperatures – so that the valuable enzymes and healthy fats of the but will be preserved. The cashew’s sweet and nutty flavor remains in tact with gentle processing, a benefit that you’ll surely realize when you pop a few of our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters into your mouth.

Eat our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters straight out of the bag or mix them into a healthy shake - perhaps a nutty chocolate variety made with raw ice cream. Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters also taste amazing sprinkled on salads, mixed into hot cereal, baked into brownies, and pulverized into nut butter.

Our Organic Cacao Cashew Clusters are 100% Certified Organic, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and raw. They’re a perfectly-wholesome raw food for modern life. Take them on the go when you travel on airplanes, go on long car rides, or trek to the gym or mall.

Possible Benefits

Possible Benefits

  • Mood elevating properties
  • Helpful for arteriosclerosis
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Dilates blood vessels
  • Improves the cellular functioning of those cells lining blood vessels
  • Super-powerful antioxidant
  • Boosts blood flow to the brain, heart, & other organs
  • Supports a healthy heart
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Lowers the oxidative stress of strenuous activities - thus helping athletes to recover
  • Improves digestion
  • Stimulates kidney & bowel function
  • Can be used to combat skin problems including eczema, psoriasis & burns
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Strong stress reliever
  • Contains heart-healthy fat
  • Relaxes muscles
  • May reduce high triglyceride levels
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease
  • High in copper for healthy bones and connective tissue
  • Helps prevent gallstones

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