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Organic Lucuma Powder


Our Raw Lucuma Powder is a deliciously sweet addition to smoothies, shakes, puddings, ice creams, and more.  The fruit of the lucuma tree has been revered since ancient times and lucuma is a favorite flavoring in Peru, Chile, and Ecuador.  Our Raw Lucuma Powder is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals and it blends easily into a variety of foods.

What is Lucuma?

Our Raw Lucuma (loo-ku-ma) Powder comes from lucuma trees in South America, where the fruit is prized as an amazing source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. This exotic fruit has a flavor that is similar to cashews and maple: full-bodied and sweet, yet the fruit is naturally low in sugar content.

Product Highlights

  • Raw
  • 100% pure
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan

This Peruvian superfruit is extremely high in beta-carotene, iron, and niacin (B3). It was once called “The Gold of the Incas,” and is highly regarded by the indigenous people of Peru for its healing and nutritive properties.

Lucumu powder is relatively new to the northern hemisphere, but is finding popularity among raw dessert chefs. Our Raw Lucuma Powder has flavors that are both rich and delicate, making it a wonderful compliment to ingredients like cacao or vanilla. It can also be enjoyed alone, as its distinguished taste will surely become a quick favorite.

The History and Harvesting of “The Gold of the Incas”

The exotic fruit of the lucuma tree has been a culinary prize in South America for thousands of years. In Peruvian culture, it is used as a versatile sweetener and it is the most popular flavor of ice cream.

The pulp of the lucuma fruit resembles the orange-yellow flesh of a persimmon, and imparts a sweet fragrance and rich, unique taste. Our lucuma powder comes from fruits that fall to the ground naturally, and are allowed to further ripen to maturity until they are most flavorful. Mature fruits are peeled, pitted, and dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure that all of the fruit’s health properties are preserved. The dried lucuma fruit is then gently ground into a fine powder and sifted to provide the finest quality.

Our delicious Raw Lucuma Powder blends easily with liquids and can be mixed into baked goods or sprinkled on cereal and granola.

Storage Instructions

If cared for properly, our Raw Lucuma Powder has a shelf life of two to three years. To preserve the freshness of this product:

  • Avoid exposure to heat. The powder will remain fresh if stored at room temperature or below.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Squeeze all of the air out of the bag before sealing.
  • Seal the bag tightly after each use.
  • Store the powder in a dry place, and avoid all contact with moisture.


We package all of our superfood powders in all-natural brown kraft bags, each with a resealable zipper across the top. Each bag has a thin metal lining, which serves as a very effective barrier to light, oxygen, odors, flavors, moisture, and bacteria.

While printed plastic bags with clear windows may look beautiful, studies have shown that the toxins contained in the plastic are absorbed by food that is in direct contact with the plastic. Foods that are raw and all-natural, like superfood powders, are even more susceptible to this type of contamination than processed foods.

Botanical Name

Pouteria Lucuma

Other Names

Egg Fruit, Lucmo, Lucumo, Yellow Sapote

Country of Origin


Possible Benefits

While much research is still being conducted, some of the possible health benefits of our Raw Lucuma Powder may include:

  • An excellent source of fiber
  • Rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • High in beta-carotene, niacin (B3), and iron 
  • May be effective in speeding the healing of cuts and bruises
  • May be helpful in improving complexion
  • A great source of calcium
  • May help to support bone formation, digestion and hormone balance
  • Studies have shown that it contains compounds that may possess anti-inflammatory properties
  • May be beneficial in improving blood circulation and cholesterol levels
  • May help to strengthen the immune system
  • May be useful in reducing appetite and controlling weight

Suggested Usage

The recommended serving size is 1 tablespoon. 

As with all superfood powders, listen to your body, as you may find that either a smaller or higher intake is more suitable to your body. We recommend that you start with the recommended daily amount, and, if desired, gradually increase or decrease your daily consumption.

This powder blends well with juice, rice or soy milk, and yogurt, or can be added to your favorite smoothie. It can also be mixed into your homemade energy bars. While you can add this powder to a variety of recipes, raw food enthusiasts avoid cooking or heating in order to preserve the food's nutritional value.

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Organic Lucuma Powder