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Organic Cacao Powder


This is one of the most delicious cacao powders you'll ever taste! Our Raw Cacao (pronounced ka-kow) Powder comes straight from Peru, where natives have enjoyed its nutritive properties for thousands of years.  Cacao contains more antioxidants than any food known to man, and our cacao powder is minimally processed and dried at low temperatures to allow youto reap the maximum amount of health benefits of the pure cacao bean.  

Cacao Powder – A Versatile Ingredient That Packs a Big Nutritional Punch

In order for cacao to deliver the beneficial flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and healing properties that it is known for, it must be as close to its natural state as possible. Our Raw Cacao Powder comes directly from whole cacao beans harvested in Peru, where farmers utilize a cold-press technique that gently extracts the oil from the cacao bean leaving a paste of pure chocolate liqueur. The liqueur is dried at low temperature into a powder, resulting in a minimally processed powder that is easily blended with water, non-dairy milks, or other ingredients. Our cacao powder gives a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to shakes, smoothies, brownies, raw chocolate treats, and other foods.

Powder, Paste, Butter, Nibs, Beans - What's the Difference?

Cacao beans are the actual beans, extracted from the pod. They are in their whole, original, unprocessed form. Cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been broken into smaller pieces, making them easier to chew and enjoy. Cacao paste is made by taking the cacao beans, in their whole form, and grinding them into a liquid, commonly called cacao liquor. This liquid is then dried, resulting in cacao paste. Cacao butter is the fat, extracted from cacao bean. Finally, cacao powder is what remains of the cacao liquor after extracting the fat.

Cacao – The Food of the Gods

Cacao is simply raw chocolate, straight from the cacao bean. Its scientific name, Theobroma, literally means “Food of the Gods,” and this superfood was thought by the Aztecs to be of divine origin. The cacao tree, which is cultivated in Mexico and South America, produces a food that is packed with so many healing and nutritive properties that the Mayans placed incredibly high value on the food and used the bean for currency. A favorite Mayan way to enjoy cacao was to make a traditional drink, called Chocolatl, which was a mixed with a little vanilla and other flavorings.

It wasn’t until the early 15th century that Christopher Columbus brought the health and restorative benefits of the cacao bean to Europe. In 1519, Cortez introduced cacao to the upper class in Spain and the bean rose in popularity as an aid for many illnesses. During the 18th century, chocolate houses began to pop up in London, and the spread of cacao as a revered food is history. Today, cacao is planted worldwide and people around the globe associate chocolate with “feeling good.” The name cacao was thought to be Anglicized at some point and turned into the more common pronunciation of “cocoa.” Now, the two words are often used interchangeably.

Cacao – The Ultimate Superfood

Pure, unprocessed cacao contains more antioxidant flavonoids than blueberries, black and green teas, and red wine. When close to its natural state, the cacao beans, nibs, powder, and butter harness a powerhouse of nutrients that have been said to help lower cardiovascular disease, and reduce stress.

Chocolate has often been referred to as a “guilty pleasure,” or a “junk” food. But these labels only apply to the many commercial varieties of chocolate that are sold on the market. Much of the chocolate manufactured today is mixed with varying degrees of sugar, milk, and other additives, and may in fact contain little “pure” chocolate at all.

Our cacao butter comes to you in a raw form, retaining all of the benefits from the original cacao bean. Cacao is the best source of antioxidants on the planet, having the ability to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of stroke. Consuming pure cacao promotes good cardio health, helps dilate blood vessels, regulates blood pressure, and reduces risk of heart attack.

Studies show that cacao contains neurotransmitters, which increase levels of specific chemicals in our brain that promote positive outlook, facilitate overall rejuvenation, and help to elevate mood. Eating cacao causes a release of endorphins that give a pleasurable sensation that can reduce depression, heighten mental clarity, and provide a general feeling of well-being.

Raw cacao is one of the best dietary sources of magnesium, which balances brain chemistry and helps build strong bones. It is also packed with calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, manganese, and sulfur, a mineral that promotes healthy skin and aids in liver detoxification.

Harvesting Raw Cacao

Our cacao is harvested much in the same manner as the Aztecs did thousands of years ago. Handpicked cacao pods are allowed to ripen for 5-6 months on trees in South America. After the pods are harvested, they are washed with purified water to cleanse, gently cut open, and the cacao beans are extracted. The beans are then naturally fermented for several days, during which a chemical change takes place reducing the bitterness of the bean and releasing a rich, delicate flavor that is evident in all our cacao products. The raw chocolate is cold-pressed and the cacao butter is separated. This carefully monitored process results in a variety of wonderful ingredients along the way, delivering the finest cacao nibs, powder, and butter available.

Storage Instructions

If cared for properly, our Raw Cacao Powder has a shelf life of two to three years. To preserve the freshness of this product:

  • Avoid exposure to heat. The powder will remain fresh if stored at room temperature or below.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Squeeze all of the air out of the bag before sealing.
  • Seal the bag tightly after each use.
  • Store the powder in a dry place, and avoid all contact with moisture.


We package all of our superfood powders in all-natural brown kraft bags, each with a resealable zipper across the top. Each bag has a thin metal lining, which serves as a very effective barrier to light, oxygen, odors, flavors, moisture, and bacteria.

While printed plastic bags with clear windows may look beautiful, studies have shown that the toxins contained in the plastic are absorbed by food that is in direct contact with the plastic. Foods that are raw and all-natural, like superfood powders, are even more susceptible to this type of contamination than processed foods. 

Botanical Name

Theobroma Cacao

Other Names

Beurre de Cacao, Cacao, Chocolat, Chocolat Noir, Chocolate, Cocoa Bean, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Oleum, Cocoa Seed, Cocoa Semen, Cocoa Testae, Dark Chocolate, Dutch Chocolate, Fève de Cacao, Graine de Cacao, Theobroma, Theobroma cacao, Theobroma sativum, Theobromine, Théobromine

Country of Origin


Possible Benefits

While much research is still being conducted, some of the possible health benefits of our Raw Cacao Powder may include:

  • Contains high levels of antioxidants
  • Used for centuries as a mood enhancer
  • May be beneficial in lowering bad cholesterol levels
  • May be helpful in increasing good cholesterol levels
  • May reduce high blood pressure
  • May help to dilate blood vessels
  • May be effective in reducing the risk of stroke
  • Contains high levels of magnesium
  • May be effective in helping to reduce stress
  • May be beneficial for reducing the risk of stroke
  • May be helpful in promoting cardiovascular health
  • Contains a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Traditionally used as a natural aphrodisiac
  • May be beneficial in promoting healthy skin
  • May be effective in improving blood circulation
  • Studies have shown that it contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Contains antioxidants, which studies have are effective in fighting and lowering free radicals
  • May be beneficial for improving digestion

Suggested Usage

The recommended daily usage is 1-2 teaspoons.

As with all superfood powders, listen to your body, as you may find that either a smaller or higher intake is more suitable to your body. We recommend that you start with the recommended daily amount, and, if desired, gradually increase or decrease your daily consumption.

This powder blends well with juice, rice or soy milk, and yogurt, or can be added to your favorite smoothie. It can also be mixed into your homemade energy bars. While you can add this powder to a variety of recipes, raw food enthusiasts avoid cooking or heating in order to preserve the food's nutritional value.

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