Why Taking Care of the Lymphatic System is Key to Good Health

Everyone knows the feeling of a swollen throat that accompanies illness, and most people know that this swelling is actually that of the lymph nodes, which are an integral part of the lymphatic system. However, what many people don’t realize is the importance of the lymphatic system and how to take care of it on an ongoing basis.

A simple way to understand the lymphatic system is to compare it to the circulatory system; but instead of transporting blood and oxygen, the lymphatic system circulates bodily fluids and protects against infection. The lymphatic system is constantly draining the body of toxins by filtering blood and helping to excrete fluids like urine and sweat.

Without a properly functioning lymphatic system, our organs would swell with excess fluid, which could be potentially fatal. On the other hand, our organs need the fluid that they receive from the lymphatic system. In other words, balance is extremely important.

Additionally, when we fail to take care of our lymphatic system, we make it more difficult for our bodies to fight infections. Common symptoms of a poor lymphatic system are poor circulation, loss of energy, and disease. So it’s a no-brainer that we should take care of it.

But how do we take care of our lymphatic systems? Below are some tips we’ve gathered to help you take care of your body (and of course continue eating your superfoods).

  1. Drink water. Lymph, the main fluid in your lymphatic system which carries white blood cells, is 95% water. Without this water, the lymphatic system has a difficult time circulating your body - and only you can control your water intake. So drink up!
  2. Exercise. Exercise, especially yoga, is great for promoting a healthy lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system depends on the contraction and relaxation of your muscles to function, and stretching out at your nightly yoga class is a great way to help it along.
  3. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Adding more toxins into your body just makes the lymphatic system’s job harder! Try to avoid these substances when possible.
  4. Add sprout protein powder into your diet. Sprout protein powders including buckwheat sprout powder and fenugreek sprout powder are diaphoretic, meaning they bring on sweat to help detox the body. They also act as irrigation to rid your body of toxins. In other words, they work hand-in-hand with your lymphatic system. (Plus, they’re great in smoothies!)

Every system in our body is integral to our health, but the lymphatic system is one of the most commonly forgotten ones. Don’t let these tips slip your mind - continue beating those nasty toxins and staying healthy! Your body will thank you.