Using Beet Root Powder to Reduce Inflammation

A surprising amount of the health issues we face on a daily basis stem from inflammation in our bodies. Generally, inflammation is the result of a reaction to stress, and it’s one of our bodies’ natural immune responses. And while inflammation is a healthy response in most cases, chronic inflammation in our bodies can lead to premature aging, acne, bronchitis, chronic pain or diseases, high blood pressure - the list goes on. Maintaining a balanced diet with little added sugars and processed foods can help reduce inflammation in your body, but what if we told you there was one key ingredient that you could eat every day to make a huge difference in fighting inflammation?

Beet root powder is a lesser-known superfood that has amazing benefits when it comes to reducing inflammation. Beet root, referred to more generally as beets, contains high levels of a nutrient called choline, which is related to the Vitamin B family. Choline helps our bodies detoxify, while supporting the functioning of acetylcholine, which works to get our nerves and muscles moving. Most importantly, choline helps to reduce high levels of inflammation in the body.

And while you’re kicking inflammation to the curb, you can know that you’re getting a plethora of extra health benefits. For example, beets play a big role in helping the liver process fat, which makes your blood easier for your body to detoxify, and gets your heart working more easily. Additionally, beet root powder is a great source of Vitamins A, B, and C, as well as DMG, which also contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic inflammatory diseases may benefit from incorporating beet root powder into their diet on a daily basis. Although we always recommend consulting a physician or nutritionist before making a big change to your eating habits, and we do not endorse superfoods as a replacement for medication, we often encourage individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other diseases with chronic inflammation to consider consuming beet root powder daily.

To save you the time and effort of finding recipes, we’re providing you with our favorite way to use this delicious superfood: in a smoothie of course! Here’s a great recipe to get you started:

Simple Beet Smoothie

Serves 1



  • Put everything in a high powered blender and give it a whirl until smooth.

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