The Top Kitchen Tools for the Home Chef

For those of us who find ourselves constantly spending long hours in the kitchen, whether we’re whipping up a new recipe or cooking dinner for the family, finding the right kitchen tools can be a huge time saver. Whether you’re making smoothies or five-course meals, there’s always a tool that can help cater to your favorite dishes, making the cooking - and cleaning - a bit easier. That being said, it’s never the wrong time to throw away those decade-old appliances and invest in some new, simple tools that can make your time in the kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable. Here are some of our favorite kitchen tools for the home chef:

  • Hand Blender

Chances are, if you try to consume superfoods on a daily basis, you’ve already discovered that smoothies are one of the most efficient and delicious ways to get your daily dose of antioxidants. If this sounds like you, you could most definitely benefit from a hand blender, which takes up very little space and costs less than a traditional blender, with all of the same benefits. Additionally, most hand blenders allow you to carry your food on-the-go, so that means less dishes to clean later. It’s a win-win!

  • Spiralizer

Spiralizers make eating healthy fun, and they always turn a regular meal into something exciting. These fantastic tools allow us to create healthier alternatives to pasta with zucchini, rice with cauliflower, and chips with apples - believe us, the list goes on and on. Whether you use your spiralizer on a daily basis or only a few times a year, it’s easy to find the right device - and price - for your lifestyle.

  • Oil Spritzer

We know that everyone loves their coconut oil, but even the healthiest oils should be consumed - like everything else - in moderation. Oil spritzers allow you to add oil to salads or veggies without tossing them in it, providing the same delicious taste without extraneous fats. Additionally, they provide a completely natural alternative to cooking sprays, which can be filled with processed ingredients.

  • Cooking Mat

Cooking mats provide an alternative to baking sheets, which often have to be coated in butter or oil in order to ensure that roasted or baked foods don’t stick to them. Plus, they even help us keep our kitchens a bit more sustainable, reducing the need to use parchment paper or aluminum foil when baking cookies or roasting vegetables. Even so, our favorite perk of cooking mats is that they require no washing - simply rinse with water and you’re done!

  • Chef's Knife

Nothing beats a good sharp knife to make healthy cooking easy! They're simply essential for chopping, dicing and mincing. From fruits and vegetables to meat, make prepping a breeze with a reliable chef's knife. Here is a great overview of brands and what to look for when purchasing!

Whether you enjoy or dread spending time in the kitchen, cooking doesn’t have to be a lengthy ordeal. Investing in the right tools can help speed up the process, keeping you healthier all the while. Here’s to having fun in the kitchen!