The ​Best Superfoods for Supporting Liver Health

Our liver is one of the most important organs in our bodies, so it’s imperative that we take good care of it. However, unless there’s a problem, we very rarely take the time to consider what our livers do and how we can help to facilitate their function. Think about it: Our liver is responsible for processing everything we consume, filtering our blood, and producing bile, which is necessary for the absorption of fats and vitamins in the small intestine. That seems like a pretty important job to us!

When we consider all of the work our livers do, it’s no surprise that liver problems have a huge effect on our bodies. Liver disease caused by hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, and other health issues can ultimately lead to death. In order to live, we need our blood to be clean, and without our liver’s proper functioning, this can’t happen.

Believe it or not, an often underestimated harsh reality is that many of the daily activities we take part in are harming our livers. Too much sugar, medications like acetaminophen, trans fats, and even a moderate amount of alcohol all take a toll on this organ. While some activities like alcohol abuse and risky behavior can be avoided, some of the other risk factors to our livers are just a part of daily life.

Of course, we can’t cut everything that harms our livers out of our lives, but in order to combat some of the negative effects of our lifestyles, we can help boost our liver function and health by partaking in some good habits. And - you guessed it - one of our favorite ways to support our livers is by eating the right superfoods. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, they can provide support for a functional liver.

Remember: it’s important to seek medical help if you’re experiencing signs of liver failure and always discuss treatment and medication with your doctor. That being said, in order to support your liver health, here are some superfoods you might want to consider adding to your diet:

Beet Root Powder - While organic beet root powder is a great supplement for overall health, arguably its greatest power is its rare phytonutrient that helps the liver to process fat. This powder acts as a cleansing agent by improving blood PH, flushing fatty deposits from the blood, and improving circulation. By helping our bodies provide a healthy blood supply, beets also support a healthy heart and blood pressure, proving that our livers and hearts are directly connected.

Schisandra Berries- This unique berry contains lignans, which protect the liver by stimulating cells that provide antioxidant properties to the body. In fact, research suggest that Schisandra berries have the ability to help those suffering from hepatitis, and the berries are frequently used to support liver disorders. Basically, these berries are famous for supporting the liver, and that’s just one of the reasons why we love ‘em!

Walnut Butter- Like Schisandra berries, walnuts have been used since ancient times by herbalists who prescribed the nut, the bark, the roots, and the leaves of its tree for liver ailments. So the next time you reach for the almond butter, consider the history of the walnut and opt for walnut butter instead - your liver will thank you.

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