The Best Ingredients for Cooking with Kids

Put simply, getting kids to eat healthy is hard work. A lot of the time, if food isn’t slathered with ketchup or breaded and fried, kids just don’t want to eat it. However, we've got a few sneaky ingredients up our sleeve that kids can get excited about. Sometimes, cooking with your kids and using certain ingredients can open their eyes to new ways to eat their favorite foods, in turn expanding their culinary palette and perhaps teaching them to appreciate healthy foods.

Here are a few ingredients we've explored to encourage kids to get excited about eating healthy!

1. Almond Butter

We all know that kids love peanut butter (doesn’t the idea of PB&J bring you right back to childhood?). But, perhaps unsurprisingly, their appreciation for nut butter extends much further than that. Introducing almond butter to kids as another “type” of peanut butter (or not introducing it at all) often ends with good results! Slathering some almond butter on celery sticks with your kids makes this new superfood feel familiar, and can ultimately lead to an appreciation of other butters like Raw Organic Cashew Butter or Raw Organic Coconut Butter.

2. Tomato Sauce

The idea of creating homemade tomato sauce with family members is a common beloved memory for many Italian generations, but it’s also a great way to get kids excited about eating healthy. Showing children the ingredients of tomato sauce, and even relating it to ketchup, can give children a new concept of tomato sauce as a food that enhances a plate. Pouring homemade sauce onto zucchini noodles can show children that veggies can be exciting, and can even change the way they see other foods.

3. Eggs

You can throw just about anything into a pan of eggs and kids will often eat it! Plus, there’s nothing more exciting than pouring your favorite foods into an omelette. Does your child love chicken? Throw it in! Broccoli? Sure! Eggs are a great way to incorporate all of your child’s favorite healthy foods into one dish and give them a big serving of nutrients in their favorite way. Bonus tip: sprinkle in Organic Reishi Mushroom Powder for an immunity boost!

4. Cacao

Add Organic Raw Cacao Powder to anything and call it chocolate, and your kids will be hooked. Instead of cooking with processed, sugar-filled chocolate chips, use cacao and then add all-natural sweetener if needed. Your kids will love throwing in buckets of cacao nibs to their favorite desserts, without even knowing the benefits of this superfood!

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