​Superfood Bloggers we Love

Sometimes it seems simple to collect a shopping cart full of superfoods, but not as easy to create Pinterest-worthy dinners from all the ingredients you’ve purchased. Living a healthy lifestyle full of superfoods may seem scary for this reason, but incorporating superfoods into your daily diet can actually be easy (and fun) if you know where to look. Luckily, many of the health and nutrition bloggers out there have done the dirty work for us by cooking up delicious superfood recipes - and then sharing the step-by-step instructions online! So look no further than these superfood bloggers we love for tonight’s culinary creation.

1. Superfoodista

Superfoodista is a blog written by Sylvia, a marketing professional from Miami. (You don’t have to be a chef to cook fantastic superfood dishes!) We love Sylvia’s blog because she creates culturally diverse recipes - and each one features at least one superfood! Plus, she knows that we don’t live at the grocery store, so she tries to create dishes with ingredients commonly found in our kitchens. Here are some wonderful recipes from Superfoodista:

2. Naturally Sassy

Written by Sassy, a teenage ballerina from the UK, Naturally Sassy is a blog about eating healthy - not counting calories. Sassy’s philosophy involves eating specifically for your individual body, and that’s why we love her. Plus, her recipes are plant-based and gluten free! We definitely recommend checking out Sassy’s story and her cookbook, but for now, here are a few of our favorite recipes from her blog:

3. Nutrition Stripped

Authored by dietitian nutritionist McKel Hill, Nutrition Stripped is a leading source of wellness content, beautiful recipes and healthy living advice. We particularly love the way she uses superfoods! In addition to her brand new book, you can find tons of inspiration on her website. Here are our recommendations:

4. Julie Morris

Julie Morris is a natural-food chef and New York Times best-selling cookbook author based out of Los Angeles. You can grab one of Julie’s books, or get some of her best recipes on the blog! Here are some of our top picks:

5. My New Roots

Holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton writes My New Roots with the intention of sharing her love for whole foods and plant-based eating. We love her colorful creations and all the amazing resources she shares, from her app to videos to cookbooks.

6. Cooking Detective

Cooking Detective is a community of writers that creates content for foodies! This includes informative articles, useful tips, how-to guides, expert interviews, round-ups, and product reviews. We particularly love their "Healthy Foods" section.

Always remember: if you find yourself in a rut before making dinner, there are tons of health and nutrition blogs out there to inspire you. Happy cooking, superfoodies!