How to Upgrade Your Daily Cup of Coffee

While coffee does provide some health benefits, for individuals with IBS and other health issues, its caffeine concentration can often prove to be a bit harsh on the body. When this is the case, a daily cup of coffee can do a bit more harm than good. However, what many people don’t realize is that there many other options for a morning wake-me-up, and several of them provide more health benefits than coffee. Additionally, even for those individuals whose bodies can handle the caffeine, there are tons of ways to upgrade that regular cup of coffee into a superfood-filled cup of healthy goodness.

If you’re interested in replacing your morning coffee altogether, a beet root latte may the answer you’re looking for! Beet root powder is known for supporting liver health, which is essential to our cardiovascular system, and combining it with some boiling water and other delicious ingredients is great for your heart. Click here for the recipe.

If your body can handle coffee, but you’re simply looking for a healthier version of the drink, swapping out regular coffee with mushroom coffee could potentially boost your immune system and provide your body with a rich source of nutrients. Adding mushroom powder to your coffee provides a plethora of the benefits that come with medicinal mushrooms, including lower cholesterol, better digestion, and a helping hand in weight loss.

For anyone looking for less drastic upgrade to a cup of coffee, we recommend replacing the sugar or sweetener that you may usually use for a healthier version. The most common replacement for regular sugar is coconut palm sugar, a wholesome sugar that is naturally sweetened by nature. You can also add a tablespoon of coconut oil for a healthy fat to improve cognitive function and energize your body. 

For those who are seriously watching their sugar intake, mesquite powder can help sweeten up a cup of coffee without negatively affecting your health! The sugars in mesquite powder take the form of fructose, which does not require insulin for metabolism, ultimately slowing the absorption of vital nutrients and allowing for blood sugar stability throughout the day. By incorporating this superfood into your diet, you can turn a cup of coffee into a blood sugar stabilizer, potentially helping you lose weight!

Whether you’re interested in lowering your sugar levels or swearing off coffee completely, incorporating superfoods into your morning routine can provide health benefits ranging from increased energy to cardiovascular support. Looking for even more ways to start your day off on a healthy note? Click here to learn about how mantras can set you up for success from the moment you wake up. 

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