Healthy Travel: The Next Big Trend?

In the past, we’ve discussed how to stick to healthy eating while on the go, but lately, a different type of healthy travel has been gaining popularity. In fact, our conception of travel is rapidly evolving. Instead of associating vacations with sightseeing and tourism, we are becoming more health-conscious and gaining a better understanding of how to utilize travel to improve our wellbeing. Luckily, there are tons of ways to take part in this new trend, and we’ve decided to explore just a few:

Within the past few years, health-conscious hotels have been presenting opportunities for individuals looking to utilize vacation as a chance to improve their health. Resorts all over the world are catering to health-conscious individuals by offering more fitness options, from yoga to dance studios, as well as all-inclusive spas. Some hotels even present guests with physicians and nutritionists to speak with, or even complimentary acupuncture treatments.

For a trip more focused on specific areas of health, vacationers can enjoy wellness retreats. For years, these retreats have been popular amongst yogis, but now they’re taking the rest of the health and fitness world by storm. Feeling stressed? There’s a retreat for that! Looking for spiritual rejuvenation? There’s tons of opportunities to do so! If you’re feeling like there’s one specific part of your well-being that could use a boost, just a quick Google search can help you find the retreat that’s best for you.

Of course, wine and food tours have always been popular, but lately culinary wellness vacations have been putting a healthy spin on food-related trips. If you’re looking to learn better eating habits and quick-start a change in your culinary routines, we highly recommend these types of vacations. Depending on the package, culinary wellness trips can include cooking classes, nutritionist coaching, fitness training, and take-home materials. Don’t worry - you’ll also have time to relax.

Looking to connect with others and find spiritual or emotional wellness by giving back? Authentic, community-based travel allows those who feel called to volunteer to immerse themselves in different cultures and escape “tourist traps.” For some people, meeting and connecting with strangers is the ultimate cleanse for the soul. If you’re feeling called to give back, this may be a great way to do so!

And yet, not all wellness vacations have to be jam-packed with yoga classes and food tastings in order to be considered “healthy.” Instead, some people are much more attracted to slow-paced trips in which they do… well, nothing! Choosing what some people might think of as a “boring” destination, leaving behind electronics, and refusing to pack for occasions like fancy dinners will force you to just relax. If this is what you need, don’t feel bad about doing nothing! Relish in the moment of just existing, and pat yourself on the back for utilizing your vacation as a chance for self-care.

Next time you’re planning for travel, we encourage you to take into consideration what parts of your mind and body need some TLC and research which type of healthy travel is best for you! When you're ready to hit the road, don't miss these superfoods. Organic Raw Goji Berries make for the perfect on-the-go snack, while Organic Chlorella Powder can help you maintain health wherever you are.

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