​DIY Beauty Products You Can Make in Your Kitchen

We talk a lot about simple ways to add superfoods into our daily diets in order to consume the nutrients we’re deprived of in today’s food choices. But there’s also a ton of toxic ingredients in our beauty products, many of which we’re unaware of.

So who says superfoods are just for eating? While consuming your daily sources of vitamins and nutrients is nourishing for your insides, incorporating these healthy products into your daily beauty routine is important for taking care of nourishing for your skin and hair!

Below are five 5 beauty products you can make in your kitchen, for half the cost! You’ll feel great about avoiding harmful ingredients and using safe products to maintain your beauty routine.

1. Bath Bombs

Filled with essential oils and even flower petals, these fizzy balls of relaxation are the newest craze among beauty enthusiasts. When you make bath bombs within the comfort of your home, you can fill them with coconut oil, a natural skin softener, and red raspberry powder, which has anti-aging effects on skin.



For further detailed instructions, click here (recipe courtesy of A Beautiful Mess).

2. Face Masks

Something about face masks is so relaxing, right? There are endless benefits to combining all of your favorite ingredients and slathering them on your skin. My personal favorite ingredient for face masks is cacao powder. In fact, chocolate, besides being one of the yummiest things to eat, is also one of the healthiest things to put on your face! The antioxidants in cacao powder are scientifically proven to improve the softness and glow of your skin.




Mix ingredients in a small bowl, wear on your face for 25 minutes, and rinse off with warm water.

3. Hair Gel

Hair gel might seem like something you never considered DIY-ing, but hear me out. Most store-bought gels contain alcohol and other harsh chemicals that aren’t the healthiest for your hair or scalp. Not only is this recipe totally chemical-free, but it works wonders for even the most untamable hair types. Plus, it’s super simple and super cheap.




  1. Heat your mixture in a saucepan at medium to high heat and strain the liquid into your bowl, discarding or finding other use for those flaxseeds.
  2. Add several drops of lavender to your mixture for a desirable scent and to help slow down the spoiling process.
  3. Refrigerate in-between uses.

4. Foundation

Foundation is an integral part of many makeup routines, and is often used daily. But shouldn’t a product you use this often actually help your skin? This DIY foundation, created with cacao powder and sprout powder, uses cinnamon, which in small amounts can help acne.




For further detailed directions and options, click here (recipe courtesy of Mommypotamus).

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