A Simple Trick to Beat the Afternoon Slump

We all know mornings are hard, but something we tend to talk less about is the afternoon slump - and it can be just as bad. We’ve all been there! Starting to doze off around 2 pm is common, especially if you’re working in an office and staring at a computer screen all day. Thankfully, superfoods provide us with yet another solution to a common problem. Enter: chlorophyll!

You may remember learning about chlorophyll in high school biology (it gives plants their green color), but we rarely learn about consuming it. Chlorophyll is a lesser-known superfood that has been gaining a lot of attention in the pop culture and nutrition worlds - and it’s no wonder why! This plant-based superfood is jam packed full of antioxidants, and has “super” detoxifying powers.

It’s those detoxifying properties that make chlorophyll a great superfood to help you get past that afternoon slump. By the middle of the day, we’ve accumulated a ton of waste products, especially if we’ve been working hard! When our cells are at work, they automatically eject wastes like ammonia. Combine those with the wastes we take in from our environment (think: air pollutants, etc.), and the added toxins in our bodies are destined to slow us down.

When we consume chlorophyll, the free radicals in our bodies are neutralized and forced out of our bodies via urination and excretion, allowing our bodies to focus on what we need - the energy to get through the day!

So - what’s the afternoon trick?

We can get chlorophyll through our leafy greens, but unless we’re eating an abundance of salads, we’re probably not getting enough. Green superfood smoothies help, but unless you’re taking a blender and all of your ingredients to work, a smoothie isn’t exactly the easiest option in the middle of the day.

Instead, we love adding chlorophyll to our water! One of our favorite chlorophyll supplements is chlorella powder, which is full of the delicious green stuff. By bringing just one teaspoon of chlorella powder to work, and simply mixing it into a glass of water, you have all of the necessary ingredients to make the perfect energizing drink for the midday slump.

So stop checking that clock every 10 minutes and sip some chlorophyll instead. You’ll be shocked at how great you feel just from this simple trick. Time to get energized, superfoodies!

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