7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day | Sunburst Superfoods

Earth Day, one of our favorite celebrations, is tomorrow! Whether you're always conscious of your actions and how they impact the planet, or you're just starting to make simple shifts, we have a few great ideas for everyone to take part in the celebration. While we don't expect major changes overnight, Earth Day is a great time to start the journey of caring for our planet, every day.

1. Ditch your car for the day

Walk, ride your bike, utilize public transportation, or carpool. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but vowing to leave your car in the garage for the day is a great way to show respect to the Earth. This way, our planet stays a little cleaner, and you get some exercise! We think it’s a win-win.

2. Plant a tree

This is our personal favorite way to celebrate our Earth because not only does it keep our planet healthy, but we love watching our trees grow year after year! Trees reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make great homes for small animals like birds and insects. Plus, one day you can sit in shade that you created!

3. Take a hike

Sometimes, we can show we care about something just by appreciating it. This Earth Day, take a walk in the woods and look at all the beauty that our planet has provided for us. The things we miss on a daily basis may surprise you!

4. Switch to electronic bills and invoices

It’s mind-boggling to consider all of the trees that are wasted each year on bills and invoices, but did you know you can actually change your preferences online and receive most of your information digitally? Setting an alarm on your phone can help you remember to check the bills’ statuses online, so you can stay on top of things while feeling good knowing you’re saving the world.

5. Support locally-sourced food providers

When you eat locally-grown food, you help reduce your carbon footprint by erasing the need for transportation of the goods. Plus, local producers are most likely not using chemicals as a part of their process. Safer for the environment, and you!

6. Recycle

Most people do utilize recycling bins and save their plastic bags, but this Earth Day we encourage paying close attention to every material you use. Don’t be afraid to research what types of packages you’re using that you didn’t know could be recycled. Putting just a little extra care into the Earth by watching the materials we use can make a big difference over time!

7. Remember that every day is Earth Day

As long as we live on this planet, every day is Earth Day! We don’t have to dedicate our lives to the environment, but thinking about the Earth just once per day can make a huge impact on our global footprints. Small decisions like riding your bike make a greater difference than you might think!

This Earth Day, remember to take care of the Earth in the same way it has taken care of you, and will take care of mankind - as long as we protect it.