3 Wellness Trends to Watch this Fall

We’ve been noticing some trends pop up in the wellness world lately, some as predicted in early 2018, and some brand news! We’re excited to discover new ways we can show our minds and bodies some love, as we move into cooler temps (hello nourishing, warming recipes!). Check out the list below to discover the three big wellness trends taking the industry by storm this fall.

1. Healing Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods - From turmeric to moringa and beyond, we're seeing anti-inflammatory flavors everywhere, food to face masks. Turmeric, which comes from the Curcuma longa plant in India, has been the subject of what seems like millions of scientific studies this past year, and the results are overwhelming. Moringa, one of the most nutrient-rich plants ever studied has been used for healing since ancient times. Try it in a smoothie, or this DIY anti-aging face mask!

2. Pressure Cooking - the Instant Pot trend hasn’t slowed down this year and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! Instant Pots are perfect for busy lifestyles: it’s all about quick & easy, healthy meals. Try one of these easy vegan Instant Pot recipes from Choose Veg or The Edgy Veg. We’re big fans of incorporating Reishi Mushroom Powder or Beet Root Powder in our Instant Pot recipes to add a nutrient boost to soups, stews or chilis.

3. Vegan Keto - Let’s face it: every year brings along with it a new diet trend. We’ve seen intermittent fasting come into play this year, in which people spare a 14 hour window in order to slow the transport of glucose, allowing the glucose that has already been transported to convert more efficiently into energy. Another big trend? Vegan keto - which to many sounds like an oxymoron since the ketogenic diet is typically known for a heavy emphasis on (animal) protein. But this doesn’t have to be the case! With books like Liz MacDowell’s Vegan Keto, many people are blending the health benefits of a keto lifestyle with a vegan diet. 

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